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1. Web Design HTML5, CSS3 and JS
2. Excel or Excel Advanced
. Autocad and 3D Autocad
4. PhotoShop lessons, starting every 2nd week


Excel,  Excel Advanced and Excel VBA

EXCEL AdvancedLearn Excel formulas, the graphing tools, pivot tables, functions, macros and much more.

- Certificate of attendance to all Excel, Excel Advanced participants
- Six months telephone support
- Subsidy 

EXCEL and VBA programming

Learn VBA for more advanced techniques like Loops, Variables, Arrays, Functions and Procedures, Import external Data, File and sheet management etc.

EXAMPLE: Starting from an imported file (i.e. from ERP, SAP, MS Dynamics, Quick Books etc). Go through the imported data. Update several files accordingly. Do calculations, create new files/sheets. Copy data from Files/Sheets to File/Sheets. Design and Create Management reports. Print complicated results.

- Certificate of attendance to all participants
Excel Groups- Six months telephone support
- Subsidy